More details

  • Webinizer is a UI shell that runs on top of your current applications. No design changes are needed on the "old" native applications.
  • Webinizer allows you to show and edit your data within any browser on any device. (Tablet, PC, Mobile phone, ..).
  • All elements are configured. There is no development involved, only configuration.
  • Development of new workflows is possible.
  • Multiple portals can be configured per application. This allows to present personalized portals per team.
  • Extend your existing application with extra fields or views in the new browser interface.
  • Webinize only a part of your native Domino application and focus only on the important information to show on a mobile device.
  • Webinizer connects to any data backend, not only IBM Domino.
  • Webinizer can easily integrate in IBM Connections Cloud, your intranet/extranet or Sharepoint.