Webinizer consists of a number of standard screens

The workspace

The main screen is the "Workspace"


It consists of a number of columns and rows that acts as a portal to the different parts of the application  or to different portals.


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Another kind of workspace can be configured.

We call it the "Tile workspace".

You define yourself the size of the "tiles", the content and the border.

These are actually iframes that are defined on a particular place on the screen.

The content can be a Webinizer page, an image, Rich Text or a url to an external web page (external to Webinizer)


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The lists of data or view's

The second screen is the "View" of the data.


In general this is a Native Notes view or a table from a relational database.


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The Form's

The last screen is the actual "Form" showing the data.


The form is build up in unlimited number of columns and rows.

Every field has his own label with field help.


The data type of the field can be defined separate of the Native Notes app. design.  

ex. A text field can be in Webinizer a drop down.


If a print form is configured there is automatically a print to PDF button. This will export the document to PDF and is downloaded to the client of the user.


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Search and export of data

We also can "Export" a list of data to Excel.


Export lists can be configured by the admin.

When the user opens this screen he can refine the search by selecting or entering parts of words.

The max. number of search field is 6.

The max number of fields returned is 15



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