The concept

More and more we evolve to a browser/mobile experience. The concept of the mobile worker is a familiar phenomen. If you look at IBM Verse, Microsoft OWA and Gmail, they are all browser-based.


Current Domino applications can be opened through IBM Client Access for Applications (ICAA) or brought to the user through a browser/mobile interface with Webinizer.


While modernizing the application, you want to fulfill current expectations or even integrate in existing browser experiences like IBM Connections (Cloud) or an existing Intranet/Extranet.



With Webinizer this is all configured by clicking and selecting the items of the Native Notes application.

Different portals can be created for different types of people / groups.

For more complex parts (views, fields, hide/show parts, Drop down values,...) can be configured with Server side javascript.

When things get more complex, custom design can be developed.


Way to work.

  1. Look at your Native Notes application.
  2. Take a step backwards and discuss with all concerned parties what the NEW needs are.
    • Read only? Read/edit?
    • Change fields and number of fields for certain group of people.
    • Add workflow?
    • Limit the data show to the users or group of users
    • What platform? Pc/tablet or smartphone (smartphones have smaller screen so less data can be shown at once)
    • ....
  3. Configure the most complete portal.
  4. When finished copy the portal and start removing elements to fit the needs of the other teams.