Forms are the pages that shows/edits the data.

At the top we find the same links from the previous data view.


Forms are build up in rows and columns. These are unlimited!

4 tabs can be configured by default. Also an extra tab "Associated documents" can be configure for ex. Response documents.

Every field has his properties

  • Label
  • Field help
  • Type (text, dropdown, rich text, checkbox, date & time, ...)
  • Width
  • Show when..
  • Editable in flows step xyz
  • Exit and exit event
  • ... 

Fields are rendered in the native format of the device used. 

Ex. Drop down on a smartphone will be a rolling selector at the bottom, on other devices it will be just a drop down. 


At the top and right there are buttons with specific actions like edit, save & close, print and also for the workflow.

For every form you can configure a "Print" form. This can have the same information or a subset of fields. 

Additional line of information van be added at the top and bottom.