The 'Views'

The views are subsets of documents.

This page consists of different parts.

  • The top contains links to other parts of the portal. Can be anything you want.
  • At the right you have the "Other links" item. There are links to any webinizer page /Web page or export/search pages. Consider these links as "less" important links for the user but easy to access via a drop down menu.
  • At the left we have the Navigation. These are also configured and update the right part of the screen. The actual list of data.
  • For every row there can be a small subset of data shown as a preview. This to be able to find your data quickly without opening the actual document.
  • Above the list of documents there is a section to show additional information.
  • Of course a search function is available. This is a full text search in the documents of the data list.